About Me

I have saluted a sitting President while a member of a Marine Honor Guard, was ranked the #1 Non-Commissioned Officer in my Marine unit, held powerful executive positions in Fortune 500 companies, and was viewed as a high-potential leader in almost every organization for which I worked.

I also battled self-worth, self-respect, and self-esteem issues my entire life.

I felt like an imposter.

I had everything material I ever dreamed of, but I was suicidal. I wouldn't seek support because I was scared to let anyone know I didn't have it all figured out.

I was supposed to be a powerful leader, right?

The truth was I was an alcoholic, 300lbs of undisciplined chaos, and an abusive husband and father. I was in so much pain inside and I didn't want anyone to know, so I punished those around me to try to feel powerful. Hurt people hurt people.

I was fired from two significant executive positions in 20 months because I just kept hoping that everything would work itself out. I reached the breaking point.


When it didn't work itself out, I had to relearn how to live in order to create internal power - where I had only sought external power before.

I started from scratch by hiring a coach. I shared all of my pain, fears, doubts, and concerns, and we began separating all of the mental and emotional noise from reality.

We implemented basic elements of physical, mental, and emotional health in my life. I read over 250 books in 2 years.

Over time I discovered the power within that was there all along - just dormant from neglect while I accumulated external rewards. I formed an identity based on what people could see - not based on who I really am.

I found the power inside that I always thought was outside.

"Mike has a gift for helping people shift their mindset from suffering, sacrifice, and scarcity to a life of joy, abundance, love, and harmony.  Mike’s authenticity about his challenges, struggles, and success, professional expertise, and knowledge, along with our assigned monthly book readings, journal exercises, and group discussions have helped me to Stop Playing Small.”  

Connie B.

Since April, 2016:

Recovered from active alcoholism.

  • Salvaged my family from divorce and collapse.
  • Lost almost 100lbs.
  • Realized that fear is ever-present in all of us and serves as a guide to freedom.
  • Developed an emotional awareness that keeps me peaceful, grounded, and centered, while still allowing my powerful emotions to propel me without harm to others.
  • Read close to 300 books about life and business.
  • Became a Certified Business and Life Coach.
  • Worked with over 200 executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs find the success they craved.
  • Built a double 6-figure personal and business leadership coaching business which fully replaced my executive salary.
  • Been a featured speaker to a room of 250.
  • Wrote a book to be published October, 2019 - and am writing follow ups.
  • Still have a coach who helps keep me pointed due north physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.
  • Only do what I love and say no to everything I don't want to do.

Are you open to finding internal power to match your external power? If you are, I'm ready to connect. Just schedule us up some time to explore!

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