I Will Show Up For You

I will not tell you what you want to hear, but I will certainly tell you what you need to hear.

People have described my coaching style and how I show up many ways, but they all agree that I do not hold back my truth and what I feel will benefit the person across from me.

From shrinking so much in my life I've learned that not fully being me, not living soul-out,  just creates frustration and angst. From that pain and suffering I commit to you that I will show up for myself, and by showing up for myself I will show up powerfully, raw, and real for you.


Will You Show Up For Yourself?

I only want for you what you want for you.

When we work together, you will hear me say this line repeatedly. My role is never to determine what you desire but to help you determine what you want - and guide you there. It's human nature to seek comfort in the familiarity of our current habits, patterns, and the stories we tell ourselves. It is my job to challenge you each time I see or hear you shrinking back into comfort.

Your current self created the outcomes you currently experience. To create new circumstances, you need to become the person capable of creating those new outcomes. You must choose growth over comfort. That's where my direct, honest, and intense approach shines. I will not allow you to shrink. I will not make or accept excuses, and I will issue no pity or sympathy. In order to grow we must grow beyond any and all excuses, pity, and sympathy.

I commit to you that I will show up for you. The question is whether you will show up for yourself.

I challenge you to schedule some time with me to understand why I successfully guide my clients to higher levels of growth and success. Experience it for yourself.

"I've had a lot of people to help me in my life, but you were the turning point. You were the game-changer. I thank God for you every single day."

Danielle E.

Find The Real Power Within

These are common sources of living a painful life:

  • Self-rejection of any kind
  • Living the life someone else created for you
  • Lack of alignment to your purpose
  • Neglecting your body
  • Allowing your bully-brain to guide you
  • Unmanaged or suppressed emotions
  • Choosing fear over freedom
  • Blaming instead of taking responsibility
  • Feeling unworthy or underserving
  • Living an "exterior" life

We will create a plan to create power from your pain. I will guide you to take back your power, but you will ultimately need to take action. I can't do that for you. Are you tired of making excuses and ready to live with power and authenticity?

Mike Kitko is an executive self-mastery coach, speaker, and published author who helps business owners increase success and happiness in their lives. 

A Marine with an MBA, Mike has experience in executive leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, yet he felt like an imposter. No matter how much success he achieved, he always felt unsuccessful, unfulfilled, and unhappy. 

His inability to understand his body, mind, and emotions led him to alcoholism, uncontrolled anger and rage, and the abuse of everything he cared about in life.

Today, Mike has an infectious zest for life, internal power, and inward confidence and courage that matches how people perceive him externally. He has found success and happiness, and he wants to help you do the same.

Are you ready to create a Life By Design?

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