A Different Kind of Coach

Welcome to opportunity! My name is Mike Kitko, an extremely passionate business coach helping executives, business owners, and leaders reinvent themselves and become financially and personally powerful with a coaching program that is unlike any other.

Sound too good to be true? One of the things you will learn about me – I am brutally honest. I do not lie, I do not embellish. I come from a place of total honesty. You can change and improve your life at any time, no matter your age, background, profession, or depth of injury. And I am here to guide your transformation to clarity, confidence, and prosperity with authenticity, energy, love, and soul.


More Than Simply Business Coaching

Most who come to me for coaching start off with the goal of improving their careers by focusing on business and leadership coaching. They end up thrilled by the remarkable outcome that my coaching style and learning self-mastery have on transforming their professional and personal lives.

What my wonderful clients soon discover, and you will too, is that every minute of your day, every decision, reaction, and roadblock is guided by your inner voice, your past experiences, and how you perceive the world around you. In order to excel in business and in life, letting go of the silent-but-deadly inner voice that controls you and sabotages joy and potential is a must.

"Let your pain become your purpose. Redefine it to serve and prosper."

Live With Authenticity

I promise you, as a coach and a former victim of my own insecurities, I know from experience – the universe is trying to give you all you desire. It’s trying desperately to please you. Your job is to stop pushing away all that you want. We choose our current state over our true potential – over what is really available to us. Then we play the victim and wonder why life isn’t going to plan. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Neglecting your body
  • Allowing mental chaos
  • Misunderstood, jumbled emotions
  • Lack of alignment to your purpose
  • Choosing fear over freedom
  • Blaming instead of taking responsibility
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Living an "exterior" life

By living as an imposter and letting your inner voice control your destiny, you push away all the rewards and dreams you seek with your decisions and actions. Are you tired of making excuses and ready to live with authenticity?

"Surround yourself with those who choose truth and integrity over comfort."

Change Your Message, Change Your Life

Most people don't hear their inner voice, so it's nearly impossible to change what it's saying without the help of a professional. With Mike Kitko coaching, we will identify your self-talk, take control of that inner voice, change its message, and release whatever has been holding you back. It's not about how to get what you want, it's about learning how to receive what is already there for you.

Together, we will move through every part of the physical, mental, emotional, and service areas of your life to get to the spiritual freedom that breeds authenticity, significance, and prosperity without the struggle. Your business will thrive, your personal life will feel fulfilling, your relationships will prosper, and your financial gain will be exponential.

"Surround yourself with those who choose truth and integrity over comfort."

5 Elements of Successful Coaching

I coach from a place of life experience first – my history of deeply self-destructive behavior and damage to those I love led me to seek change. At 45, I was minutes from losing everything I had worked for and cared about when I hired my coach and found my calling.

Now, my joy comes from serving others with total transparency and coaching business owners, executives, and leaders to earn personal and financial freedom. If you think you want to work with me, the following 5 areas are critical to our success together.

Our ideal client/coach relationship contains these 5 elements:

  1. Love – no judgment, acceptance of where you are on your journey while encouraging you to progress through the necessary changes to improve.
  2. Integrity – doing the right thing when nobody is looking.
  3. Trust – We have each other’s backs and hold each other to the highest level of esteem. Don’t dare break trust. Without it, we have nothing.
  4. Seek a constant state of expansion – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. Never settle. Always want to get better.
  5. Service – a constant state of service to others. Accumulation and prosperity come from service and aligned effort, not from taking from others.

"Mike is an exceptional, high-performance coach who puts his all into every bit of his work. He is successful because he cares more about helping his clients make lasting change in their lives than he does about being liked. Whether you are looking to increase your performance in your professional career or personal life, Mike can assist you with taking it to the next level."
- Zachary B.


Make Your Move

Full honesty creates a bond that encourages growth and leads to the results you are seeking. My business coaching is about more than business; it's about intention and authenticity. It's about our relationship and your relationship with yourself and others, not simply the transaction.

If we enter into a coaching program, I am here for you and don’t walk away because our “time is up.” I will be your biggest fan, your motivator, and your rock. If you sincerely want to change and prosper – I promise you – you’ve got this! Make your move and contact me today. We'll start off with a conversation to see if we're a good fit and go from there. I look forward to speaking with you! 636-288-0008