The Imposter In Charge

If you want real motivation and an action plan to be the best version of yourself you can be for life, my book, The Imposter In Charge can start you on your journey. My name is Mike Kitko, Certified Self-Mastery Business Coach, Speaker, Marine Veteran, and former Fortune 500 business executive and I will teach you how to stop living a lie and be free and prosper.

The Imposter in Charge will be published by Stonebrook Publishing company in June, 2019.


Why Write A Book?

I love books! I am a huge advocate of learning. There is no better way to grow, learn, and share than through reading. "Leaders are readers!" I decided to write The Imposter In Charge to share with others that you're not alone and that no matter how far you sink, you can become successful without the struggle. You can find joy and love and success for good.

“Holding power is only enjoyable and fulfilling when you can feel confident in that power. I help leaders find their power.”

My Imposter-to-Truth Story

My life was the typical American story of success by material things, striving for more and as soon as I would get more, I'd want even more, without ever feeling worthy. I have saluted a sitting President as a member of a Marine Honor Guard. I was ranked the #1 Non-Commissioned Officer in my Marine unit, held executive positions in Fortune 500 companies for decades, and was viewed a high-potential leader in almost every organization for which I worked.

However, I battled lack of self-worth, had no self-respect, and had major self-esteem issues my entire life which ultimately led to abuse in my marriage, family, professional career, and of my health.

The outcome of not understanding my worth and living an unintentional life was the brink of divorce, children who had witnessed the unthinkable, alcoholism, no job, and 280 lbs. of undisciplined chaos.

I found that the world, including those closest to us, treats us exactly how we feel about ourselves.

That all came to an end when I made a decision to pursue a journey of self-mastery. I hired a coach, and daily, I "put my mask on first" by exercising, getting proper nutrition, hydrating, meditating, reading, learning, and challenging my own boundaries and comfort levels. By taking care of my own basic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as a priority, and serving others, I ultimately gave permission to those around me to do the same.

In the process, my marriage healed, my children began to recognize normalcy and happiness, and I became purposeful in helping others avoid the painful fall I endured. I found that I truly loved myself. Because of an increase in self-respect, I lost 85 lbs, and am in better physical shape than at any time in my life – including my Marine Corps conditioning.

I often say that I feel like I have 'love and happiness oozing out of my eyeballs' as a result of living intentional, purposeful, and in-service to others using my story, energy, gifts, and talents.

I simply live an intentional, genuine, authentic life. Others thrive on that as well.

“When you become internally powerful, you become rich in every way!”

Motivational Book

My book is different than other motivational books. Why? Because my story is unique, how I came to realize life-shifting reinvention is mine alone. And your story is unique to you – however, the desire that we all have to be free from struggle, feel joy, and be successful is not. That's where The Imposter In Charge can change your life. It's about the process I used to find physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom and how that same process can help you too. By reading my book you can begin the process of change and have that moment of clarity that may make all the difference in your life.

Through one-on-one coaching or group coaching, I can take what's in my book a few steps farther with strategy, in-depth training, accountability, and physiological change on a cellular level that reinvents your life to one of clarity, confidence, and prosperity. Business success. Personal success. Spiritual success.

Books, Blogs, Articles

This book, my blog, and everything I write is about the journey from within that moved me from fraudulent to a true state of confidence, clarity, authenticity, and purpose. About giving up the struggle and receiving what life wants to give each of us. And you can experience the same thing by learning the art and science of self-mastery. That's my calling – to coach you and teach you the things that set me free, to help you expand and learn to live an authentic life now and always. To never settle. To prosper and find joy in every day.

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