A Powerful Speaker

My name is Mike Kitko, Executive Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Marine Veteran. I have decades of Fortune 500 business experience and success in building teams and providing leadership development to companies worth as much as $350 million.

I have always had a love for strong team-building and lifting others to their highest potential.  Now, with my in-depth executive coach training and experience, I combine all of my strengths to give your company's or organization's speaking engagement every ounce of energy and the results-driven message you deserve. My goal is to hit-home with as many people in the audience as possible and inspire lasting change within your organization or on your team.


“Holding power is only enjoyable and fulfilling when you can feel confident in that power. I help leaders find their power.”

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Service

My message combines spirituality, self-mastery (body, mind, emotions, soul), service to others, and business leadership. Every person has the opportunity to take their limited amount of minutes on this earth to live authentically – to find freedom from the struggle of insecurity and that inner voice that holds them back. To open themselves to the world around them and see their coworkers and business relationships as partnerships instead of competition.

Using the art and science of self-mastery as it relates to business and personal development, each of us can let go of our self-destructive, limiting behavior and thinking to thrive and prosper. The successful outcome from a highly motivating one-day speaking engagement means the whole team benefits.

By nature, I am a strategic thinker and an edgy, high-energy, positive trainer and team developer who has a natural ability to build confidence – in individuals and within team dynamics.

“When you become internally powerful, you become rich in every way!”

Beyond Inspiration

I love speaking – seeing the body language changes and the facial expressions of those who have their "aha!" moment when what I'm saying resonates. If your company or organization needs to get to the next level but isn't sure how – I assure you – I can help! The hours your team spends with me will be transformative and lead to inner change that goes beyond inspiration to action and results.

"Mike did an incredible job talking about being the best version of yourself. You have found your passion in speaking and coaching and I truly appreciate you. If anyone is struggling through a tough time, lacking some confidence or is successful in one aspect of life but feeling empty in others Mike Kitko is your guy."
- James B.


Private Speaking Engagements

Speaking for me is about more than just being inspirational. It's about changing the lives of others through coaching and giving each individual the tools they need to live authentically so they can grow and prosper beyond their wildest dreams. If your company, team, group, or organization needs more to move into the realm of prosperity, I'm your coach. Contact me today and let's talk about it! 636-288-0008

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