A Powerful Speaker

Passion. Power. Presence. Intensity.

These are some of the words used to describe my speaking style, and how I show up to light up the any room.

There's only one reason I show up to speak; to move as many people forward in their lives as possible.

When I am finished speaking I'm spent. I've left it all on the stage. I give it all, and leave nothing.  I show up and share everything I know with those with ears open to hear, and my intensity in my body language ignites those with eyes to see.


"I saw you passionately speak to our group about financial scarcity and poverty, and the poor money mind-set and heart-set which causes and keeps people stuck in a victim mentality.

Your passion and advanced thinking breaks people free from their existing state.

You make Dave Ramsey sound like a a stale Econ professor.”

- Skip Crouch, Entrepreneur

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