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Reduce the Struggle and the need to struggle in your life.

January 31, 2019

Let’s talk about struggling! We all do it. We can do something about it!

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Inner compass

Creating Your Vision Is A First Step Of Self-Mastery

December 3, 2018

Creating a vision and your unique path I’ve got it all, but I’ve got nothing. I’ve heard this same story over and over. Millionaires who thought money would make them happy. Business owners who created successful businesses but lost their families in the process. Professionals moving closer to goals that they are not passionate about. People who set big goals only because the “grind gurus” and “hustle whores” convinced them they were less-than without. Everyone has a different path, a different direction, and a different end in mind. There is no one way. By unapologetically and unconditionally creating the path […]

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Rocky path

Resolve Challenges To Power Outcomes Through Self-Mastery

November 26, 2018

It’s nearing three years since I’ve learned to resolve challenges to power outcomes through a process of self-mastery. After my second executive level termination in less than 20 months I sat in my home office at 300 lbs. with declining physical health. In active alcoholism, I had no income and a marriage and family on the brink of collapse. Rock bottom. I looked to revert back to the old process I had effectively used over and over: work harder, work more, and try to change myself, my story, and my behavior to fit the needs of everyone around me. Choosing […]

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Brain activity

Meditation and Self-Mastery

November 5, 2018

“I have too many thoughts to meditate.” This is exactly why I so highly recommend meditation. Meditation is a gift from the heavens – so simple and so easy. Yet rejected by so many. For my first meditation session I walked into my home office feeling like everyone was going to laugh at me. I was afraid of judgement and criticism more than the mental chaos I experienced daily. What I didn’t realize is that the fear of judgement was directly because of the mental chaos. Sitting on my floor, I opened my timer app, set the timer for 3 minutes, […]

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Overweight Mike

Habits Are Transformed By Self-Mastery

October 29, 2018

I have radically changed my habits through self-mastery. I don’t show up the same way in the world the way I once did, and my days look much different than they did before I decided to make healthier shifts in my life. The way I approached my journey and transformation is not the norm, but the exception. I went all-in. But I’ve since learned that going all-in is not the only way to successfully bring self-mastery to your life. A Bit About My Story I was nearly 300 lbs,, an alcoholic, abusive to my wife and children, with zero self-esteem, […]

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Kitko family

Learning True Happiness Through Self-Mastery

October 21, 2018

It was December, 2010 – about 6 years before I would begin my self-mastery journey. The Kitko Family was in Cancun, Mexico again. Our daughters, Katie (then 8) and Meagan (then 6) had been in Mexico 6 times. International excursions were just a regular part of their lives. So was pain, anger, suffering, alcoholic rage, chaos, and mental, emotional, and physical abuse inflicted on them by my wife Angie and me. From the outside, it looked like we had it all. That’s what we wanted everyone to see. It worked for a while. But inside, we were each dying a little more […]

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The Cycle of Value Creation and How to Build Wealth

Creating Wealth Through Self-Mastery

October 14, 2018

Everyone Loves to Help “How many of you love helping people?” the facilitator asked the audience, emphasizing the word love. A hand from every one of the 50 or so entrepreneurs and service providers in the audience shot up quickly. “That’s amazing! How many of you love asking for help?” he asked, again emphasizing the word love. About five hands went back up, while the remainder of hands remained in their laps. “Take a look around” said the facilitator, pleased with the result. “How many of you honestly struggle to ask for help when you need it?” he said coming at […]

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The Big leap and upper limit

Upper Limit And How Self-Mastery Will Help You Succeed

October 6, 2018

The Interview I was sitting at the table with a prospect for my open Operations Manager role. Sitting in front of me was a candidate who possessed all of the qualities I am looking for in a leader to implement my vision: dynamic, forward, and strategic thinking, drive, energy, positivity, enthusiasm, experience leading others, & passion for processes, details, and structure. She had all the professional qualities which would perfectly complement my talents. I hadn’t considered that a great prospect would trigger my upper limit. In front of us, I had drawn my vision. Scratched on a piece of paper was […]

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Trust Fall, leadership

Leadership Coaching & Self-Mastery Coaching

September 30, 2018

Despite being a leader you might lack confidence, courage, and the resolve to feel fully effective in your leadership role. You simply show up each day and hope everything turns out ok. It usually does, and you hope it always will. Hope is not an effective strategy. Deep inside, you know your performance would improve if you just felt more internally powerful. You wonder why you continue to doubt yourself and your abilities day-after-day. Second guessing yourself while occasionally shrinking and hiding from challenges, you wonder when it’s all going to fall apart. At least that’s my story, and I […]

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