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The More For Free, The More For A Fee

April 1, 2020

When I began my coaching business, I just wanted someone to pay me for my time. I had just finished up my time in corporate America, and my resume was so full of holes that no one would have me for the salary I was asking. I finished runner-up for 4-5 positions, and I saw the writing on the wall. That door had closed. It was time to move on. The only thing I ever enjoyed about my executive positions was developing high-performing teams and high-performing people. When I decided that I would start my own coaching and consulting business, […]

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your mind is not always your friend

Your Mind is Not Always Your Friend

March 25, 2020

Years ago, I woke up with a pain in my stomach. But I don’t get sick, I thought to myself. Ever since I had begun my self-mastery journey, I hadn’t been getting sick or having any pains. I may have had some muscle pain from pushing myself while running or lifting, but I didn’t get sick, and my body was healthier than ever. This was strange, unexpected and surprising. My Mind Was Saying No I work out each day, staggering my running days and my lifting days. I’m blessed to have a gym in my basement, so after my morning […]

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What do you see in the mirror?

F*ck Your Excuses!

March 18, 2020

I see the world in themes. Usually, when there’s a message brewing inside of me, I see that same message throughout the day, week, or even month. I’m a spiritual guy and I’ve seen the power of astrology, and I do believe that there are ebbs and flows to our energy and areas of focus. We’re all in this together and experiencing similar challenges, opportunities, and cycles. This week definitely had a theme, and I heard that theme rattling around inside me all week. It started about 5 days ago. There was a little whisper that said “F*ck your excuses. […]

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Put Your Family Last

March 11, 2020

One time when I wrote a Facebook post about how I had gotten it all wrong by putting my family first, one guy interacted with the post only by putting one of those little angry-faced emoticons. I guess I’m in the business of making new friends. I stand by my position. I put my family first for many years. Now I don’t. They know that, too. It might sound awful to say put your family last, but I’d rather live this way and have them prosper than to follow the norms of society and have them still experience the chaos […]

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just burn it all down

Why Not Live A Small, Shrunken, Insignificant, and Unfulfilled Life?

March 4, 2020

I create a lot of content. A lot.  On a weekly basis, I record videos and training modules for my membership community, articles for publications in which I actively contribute, and blogs for my blog site. I also appear as a guest on podcasts and regularly speak to professionals on stage and in a corporate training environment. I am always up for serving, and content creation runs through my veins. My messages usually have a positive vibe, with ideas for implementation. But I realized lately that I’ve been getting it all wrong. Why tell others to live their best life […]

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Live a "get to" life

Do You ‘Have To’ Or Do You ‘Get To’?

February 26, 2020

I was once Plant Manager for a $65 million manufacturing plant. Authority, autonomy, and accountability for results were all I ever wanted. When I aspired to this role, I had it all in my lap despite hating several aspects. I figured that in a higher position I’d be able to delegate the annoying tasks, but the budgets didn’t allow for that. So, there were parts of the job that I “had to” do in order to be able to “get to” do parts that I loved. Eventually, I loved fewer and fewer aspects. I felt stuck. After a few years, […]

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guy on computer

Do You Need To Do It All Yourself?

February 19, 2020

After a long, successful run in corporate America, in March of 2016, I was fired from my second executive position in about 20 months. I was lost, and I didn’t know the next step in my life, family, or career. I felt mentally and emotionally paralyzed and thought my run of success was over. A friend of mine who had started coaching on a professional basis called me and begin asking questions about my termination, my current state, and my future intentions. After a few calls, he asked if I wanted some help moving forward. He was a friend, and […]

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Men Can Be Codependent, Too

February 12, 2020

When my girls were toddlers, they would come into my bedroom in the morning to wake me up. My day began with a kiss on the cheek from either Katie or Meagan. They would wait for me to wake up. Sometimes it took them a few kisses. I would pretend to be asleep to get another kiss or two. When I did finally wake up I would whisper, “go ahead downstairs and I’ll be down.” This happened for the first 8-9 years of their lives until their “independence” kicked in. I was sad when the morning kisses stopped. I called […]

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Do You LOVE Your Family?

February 5, 2020

When my first daughter was still a baby, my wife Angie and I discussed how we were going to parent her. We decided on some of the family rules that we were going to lay down to establish boundaries and basic rules of engagement. The conversation was somewhat tense because we were two different people from two different backgrounds, trying to establish a path for our new family. Both of us were new parents, so every experience was new to us, including the expectations we were going to establish in our home. We agreed on basic framework for how we […]

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