Do You Crave Internal Freedom?

May 6, 2020

Over my years as a coach I’ve learned one powerful unifying force in every single human being on the face of the planet: we crave internal freedom above all else. Some people are chasing love, wealth, health, and fame while others simply chase a more powerful connection with God. Internal freedom. That’s what everyone is trying to attain. It might look different for different people, but we’re all after the same thing. We all experience pain, suffering, and pressure of some sort, and freedom is our answer. Maybe right now you’re screaming “YOU’RE RIGHT!” Maybe you’re saying, “NO! I just […]

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Challenge Brings Growth

April 29, 2020

I’ve endured molestation and carried on. I’ve experienced neglect and abandonment and learned to stand alone. I’ve witnessed intense violence and bullying and learned to defend myself. I’ve been called worthless, useless, and a waste of space, only to excel academically and professionally. I’ve been told I could not become a Marine, and I am. I crushed it. I assumed responsibility for a failing manufacturing plant, and I led a turn-around from the captain’s seat. I’ve been labeled a high-potential executive in multiple organizations and promoted multiple times. I’ve been fired twice, only to build my own business and hire […]

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Give Everything, Leave Nothing

April 22, 2020

Yesterday, in connecting with a referral, I made two errors. I misread the time we were scheduled to connect and ended up calling about 10 minutes late, and I completely misunderstood who actually connected us, so I misspoke over the phone. Mistakes like that would have embarrassed me in the past, but that I’ve learned to extend grace to myself. There are a few things I know for certain every day, and one is that I will make errors and mistakes. I hold myself to a high standard, but I know perfection is never possible. I move at light speed. […]

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Life is for us, always

Life Happens for Us, Always

April 15, 2020

I’ve almost committed suicide and I’ve experienced the fullness of life. I’ve been celebrated in front of hundreds for my messages of infinite purpose and potential, and I’ve been walked out of two businesses with a small box of belongings. I’ve been obese, and I’ve been too skinny. I’ve feared for both of my children’s lives as they struggled to breathe, and I’ve watched them both accomplish things they said they’d never even try. I’ve had more money than I ever knew what to do with, and I’ve felt like I was bankrupt. I’ve filed for divorce, and I’ve felt […]

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show up for yourself

Show Up For Yourself

April 8, 2020

Want to experience more? See how everyone else is doing things and then do the opposite. When you begin to truly live aligned with your inner compass – your inner guidance – it will create resistance in society. When you experience judgment, criticism, and resistance with how you are showing up and who you are, it means you’re heading in the right direction. If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. Want to experience what those who have it all have? You’ve got to do what most won’t. Stand up, show up, and live soul-out. […]

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Give to receive

The More For Free, The More For A Fee

April 1, 2020

When I began my coaching business, I just wanted someone to pay me for my time. I had just finished up my time in corporate America, and my resume was so full of holes that no one would have me for the salary I was asking. I finished runner-up for 4-5 positions, and I saw the writing on the wall. That door had closed. It was time to move on. The only thing I ever enjoyed about my executive positions was developing high-performing teams and high-performing people. When I decided that I would start my own coaching and consulting business, […]

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your mind is not always your friend

Your Mind is Not Always Your Friend

March 25, 2020

Years ago, I woke up with a pain in my stomach. But I don’t get sick, I thought to myself. Ever since I had begun my self-mastery journey, I hadn’t been getting sick or having any pains. I may have had some muscle pain from pushing myself while running or lifting, but I didn’t get sick, and my body was healthier than ever. This was strange, unexpected and surprising. My Mind Was Saying No I work out each day, staggering my running days and my lifting days. I’m blessed to have a gym in my basement, so after my morning […]

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What do you see in the mirror?

F*ck Your Excuses!

March 18, 2020

I see the world in themes. Usually, when there’s a message brewing inside of me, I see that same message throughout the day, week, or even month. I’m a spiritual guy and I’ve seen the power of astrology, and I do believe that there are ebbs and flows to our energy and areas of focus. We’re all in this together and experiencing similar challenges, opportunities, and cycles. This week definitely had a theme, and I heard that theme rattling around inside me all week. It started about 5 days ago. There was a little whisper that said “F*ck your excuses. […]

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Put Your Family Last

March 11, 2020

One time when I wrote a Facebook post about how I had gotten it all wrong by putting my family first, one guy interacted with the post only by putting one of those little angry-faced emoticons. I guess I’m in the business of making new friends. I stand by my position. I put my family first for many years. Now I don’t. They know that, too. It might sound awful to say put your family last, but I’d rather live this way and have them prosper than to follow the norms of society and have them still experience the chaos […]

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Mike Kitko is an executive self-mastery coach, speaker, and published author who helps business owners increase success and happiness in their lives. 

A Marine with an MBA, Mike has experience in executive leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, yet he felt like an imposter. No matter how much success he achieved, he always felt unsuccessful, unfulfilled, and unhappy. 

His inability to understand his body, mind, and emotions led him to alcoholism, uncontrolled anger and rage, and the abuse of everything he cared about in life.

Today, Mike has an infectious zest for life, internal power, and inward confidence and courage that matches how people perceive him externally. He has found success and happiness, and he wants to help you do the same.

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