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Do you find yourself in a constant state of mental chaos?

Do you feel like your career goals and lifetime dreams just can’t be met no matter how hard you work to achieve them?

Do you feel like a fraud; like your exterior power doesn't match your internal self?

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Growth Through Structured Courses

If you are like me, you crave growth and learning. You are always after that next concept, that next piece of knowledge, and more wisdom which will enrich your life and make the path to your desires, goals, and dreams less of a struggle.

One of my favorite teachers once said that everything you don't have that you want is just because of something you don't know.

As we learn and integrate, we evolve, and it's through our evolution that our dreams become reality.

We need to become the person capable of attracting what we desire.

I have built structured courses to make growth available and easily accessible to anyone who wants to grow in their life and business.


Your Inner World Creates Your Outer World

All of my courses are designed with one thing in mind: your inner world creates your external reality. I don't teach you to grind and hustle. I don't believe that is necessary to achieve the life of your dreams. I do believe that when you shift your perception of who you are, how you show up, and your internal level of significance, you'll find your external world shift effortlessly. When you shift the inside, the outside must shift as well. That's the difference between struggle and ease - where you place your focus.

“Holding power is only enjoyable and fulfilling when you can feel confident in that power. I help leaders find their power.”

Self-Directed Course or Group Course?

Not everyone likes the same delivery method for courses. Some desire to go it alone, and some desire to share the experience with a group. I have made both available with every course available.  Both share the same basic elements:

  • Delivered directly to your email
  • Paced for success
  • Contain workbooks, links, and required and suggested reading to support your growth through the course
  • Full of activity for integration
  • Priced for accessibility


The difference is that the group courses have a community and accountability component:

  • Monthly or weekly web-based group calls
  • Closed Facebook group for communication and community
  • Weekly homework
  • Coaching to support the weekly topic
  • Support from others on a similar path


Both are powerful and will support your growth and evolution powerfully! Pick which one suits your needs.

“When you become internally powerful, you become rich in every way!”


Whether you choose the Life-Mastery, Entrepreneurial-Mastery, or Spiritual "mini" course, we will embark on an intentional journey that drives growth, alignment, purpose, and attainment of all you desire. The courses are designed strictly for your success in achieving all you desire, with no guilt and shame, and all teachings encourage you to BE 100% authentic and genuine. Always.


"Mike has taught me so much about myself and life...The number one thing that changed my world was the idea of how we see the world on the outside is just our true feelings within ourselves.  When you are ready to invest in yourself and see your life transform, I highly recommend Mike!"
- Carly B.


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