Growth Through Structured Courses

If you are like me, you crave growth and learning. You are always after that next concept, that next piece of knowledge, and more wisdom which will enrich your life and make the path to your desires, goals.

One of my favorite teachers once said that everything you don't have that you want is just because of something you don't know.

As we learn and integrate, we evolve, and it's through our evolution that our dreams become reality.

We need to become the person capable of attracting what we desire.

These structured courses make growth available and easily accessible to anyone who wants to grow in their life and business.


"I signed up for Mike’s Life-Mastery course with considerable reservations about how his philosophy and my philosophy for life would differ.

It was a remarkable course once I was able to open my mind to alternative ways of looking at how we process and move forward in life. The breakthroughs that I’ve had in the past five months are monumental. However, I believe the greatest help came from Mike personally as we sat down one on one."

He has a great understanding of how people operate. And how to pull them out of the current situations into a powerful situation."

- Tim Grimmet, Coach and Real Estate Investor

Life-Mastery Course

The Life-Mastery course empowers you to build a powerful foundation in all the relevant dimensions of your life - Your beliefs, what you desire, physical well-being, mental clarity, emotional courage, relationships, social significance and impact, and financial freedom. This course is designed to master the basics, the elements we most often neglect which create the most impact.

Entrepreneurial-Mastery Course

Creating a business that allows you to only do exactly what you want to do is easier to create than you might think. You'll get clear about who you want to serve, what problem you want to solve, and how people will show up after you help them solve their problem. When you know those three elements of your business and learn to master entrepreneurism, you will find all you desire.

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