Want To Become A Powerful Entrepreneur?

We are shifting to a society of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

I constantly connect with people who are truly leaning into their desire to create time and financial freedom by stepping out of their "normal" job and using their innate talents and gifts to serve society.

Everyone possesses powerful talents and gifts, and everyone can use them to benefit society, while creating the freedom they crave so much. Service-based prosperity.


However, few truly find sustained success and joy. They often find more stress even thinking about the freedom and life they desire.

Sometimes an emerging entrepreneur sticks their toe in the water - only to pull it back out at the first feeling of discomfort. Others want to create a life of ease, serve others, and create prosperity by starting a business - but fear the uncertainty of stepping out of the known into the unknown.

Me? I had no choice.

“In order to excel as an entrepreneur, you must develop the qualities of an entrepreneur. You must be clear why you are stepping out of the norm, be willing to feel every human emotion, and move forward with persistence, a burning desire, and the willingness to expand in every aspect in life - in the face of every obstacle known to man.”

I was fired from two executive corporate positions in less than 20 months because my life was upside down. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally bankrupt, an alcoholic, and had no idea that I was living someone else's dream. I was miserable each day because I had ignored my inner compass my entire life.

I couldn't find a job to replace the two which I lost. I had to face the fact that I didn't have anything figured out, and that I needed to start over from scratch. I went on a journey of self-discovery. In my personal journey to put my own life back together I began the process of healing my physical, mental, and emotional chaos, found my clarity, courage, and confidence, and launched a coaching business to help others do the same.

My first full year in business I earned more than I did in any year in corporate America. In the process of healing myself, I learned what it took to be a powerful entrepreneur.

I've put together this compact course to teach you what I learned about what it takes to successfully launch a powerful business.

“When you become internally powerful, you become rich in every way!”

There Are Certain Qualities Required

I was sitting with a good friend and business client, and we were discussing - again - how he and his team fell short of business objectives for another month. We had already gotten clear on individual objectives, I had already poured a massive infusion of energy and spark into the team. The team is more than talented and capable, but yet we were here again ...

Another month of less-than-stellar results.

My mind went into hyper-drive. I stared into the distance. My intuition told me that the team was the right group of people, and if we brought out the hammer, the team would begin to fragment. Motivation would decrease, not increase. There were gaps in understanding and personal process, not gaps in values and talents.

They didn't understand their why or what. They didn't need another "why" exercise, but what they wanted for themselves  and why their business results mattered to the rest of their lives. They didn't understand how it all fit together. Their lack of clarity showed up in phone calls to prospects.

They wavered because they really didn't understand why they were on the phone, what they were after, and how it would impact every other aspect of their lives.

I pieced together the process I used in building my business, and what was missing from his team.

That was the first C - Clarity.

The rest came quickly.

It was about getting them to feel the fear and do it anyway. The next C - Courage.

They needed to understand that success is built through trial and error. There is no failure. They needed to learn through repetition without feeling a loss of motivation, and learn how to learn to make adjustments - trusting themselves with uncertainty. That created the next C - Confidence.

We gave them the basic skills, and giving them time to hone those skills over time would create mastery, or Competence.

They were scared to ask for the sale. They were afraid of the "money discussion." They would need a better money mind-set, and the 5th C - the ability to Collect.

And finally, with a few brand new entrepreneurs who hadn't settled into the discipline of self-accountability yet, we needed to help them understand the importance of the time and energy Capacity.

So it began. That was the process I used to build my business through my own personal growth. That same week I built this Entrepreneurial-Mastery course. If you are struggling to build your business, or if you still fear uncertainty, it will serve you powerfully.

Outcomes are:

  • A deeper understanding of why you desire freedom, and how creating a powerful business will fit in and fuel the rest of your life.
  • A deeper awareness and understanding of courage and confidence, why they might hold you back, and how to build them daily.
  • How competence takes time, and an understanding why failure is your greatest source of learning.
  • A money mindset capable of creating prosperity without guilt and shame by providing value for value.
  • An awareness of how to drive results and scale through increasing your personal capacity - time and energy you devote to your business.

“Are you in a hole and want to climb a mountain?”

Entrepreneurial-Mastery Self-Directed Course

  • 8-week program
  • All curriculum, workbooks, and course content delivered to your email.
  • Builds awareness, helps you understand current and desired states, and provides additional resources to support your journey.
  • Purchase and begin at any time - on your own!
  • Tuition is a one-time payment of $499.

Start your journey to Entrepreneurial-Mastery today!

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Entrepreneurial-Mastery Group Course

Increases awareness of the personal qualities required to build a business. When the leader gets better, everyone gets better. The Group Course will help you journey with other entrepreneurs and increase your ability to create the life and business of your dreams.

  • 8-week course
  • 8-12 members.
  • All curriculum, workbooks, and course content delivered to your email.
  • Builds awareness, helps you understand current and desired states, and provides additional resources to support your journey.
  • 9–90-minute web conference  sessions for community and group learning.
  • Closed Facebook group for community learning.
  • Weekly homework.
  • Tuition is $1000 paid in monthly installments which fit your budget, or single payment of $900.

NEXT GROUP: Starts July 2, 2019. All calls will be at 3 pm Central for 9 successive Tuesdays.

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"Mike is an inspirational and transformative coach who walks his talk! I am extremely grateful for taking the opportunity to work with him and witness his passion for helping people transform their lives while I participated in his Self-Mastery for Business-Mastery Course. Mike has a gift for helping people shift their mindset from suffering, sacrifice, and scarcity to a life of joy, abundance, love, and harmony. Mike’s authenticity about his challenges, struggles, and success, professional expertise and knowledge, along with our assigned monthly book readings, journal exercises, and group discussions have helped me to “Stop Playing Small.” Thanks to Mike’s course, I am releasing my fear of letting go of my healing practice, which no longer brings joy. I am shifting my mindset to focusing on my heart’s desire to serve people as a spiritual teacher instead of focusing on the negative thoughts about why I cannot be a spiritual teacher. Mike’s course was healing and life-changing." Connie Batsell 8/8/18

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