Show Up Even More Powerfully

You have created a life that appears magnificent on the outside. You have the family, house, cars, materials, and wealth. From appearances you have it all together.

Inside you know something is missing. You should be happy, and you're frustrated that you can't feel the powerful life you've created. You have it all materially - but you'd give it all up for what you really desire - happiness, peace, and love.

You are not broken. There's just a piece missing - and once we find the missing piece, you know you'd really have it all.

Self-directed course

No one has it all together. Once I realized that I wasn't the only one, I didn't feel better, but I did feel normal. You are not broken - you are just human like the rest of us.

But there's more to life than you have experienced up to this point. Normally when something's missing it's not major modifications that need to be made, but slight shifts in mindset, heartset, and the way you approach life. These modifications will help you see clearer, and that clarity will help you discover the internal power you desire.

The Life-Mastery course will guide you through the basic elements of life, connect you deeply with yourself, and help you discover the missing piece. The shifts you will make will get you back on track heading due north - YOUR due north, not anyone else's.

When you find your due north you'll know it, and that awareness will come subtlety as you perform an inventory. But trust me - everything you desire is right before you and inside of you.

You can't expect different results from repeating the same patterns and behaviors which created your current results. In order to attain more, you need to be more. This is your opportunity to choose more and expand every dimension of your life.

12 weeks. That's your commitment. That's what is required to discover your power. You just need to be willing to do the work required. If you are willing to do the work, I challenge you to jump in.

"Thanks to Mike’s course, I am releasing my fear of letting go of my healing practice, which no longer brings joy. I am shifting my mindset to focusing on my heart’s desire to serve people as a spiritual teacher instead of focusing on the negative thoughts about why I cannot. Mike’s course was healing and life-changing." 

Connie B.

Life-Mastery Self-Directed Course

  • 12 week program
  • Course content easily accessible on the website
  • Clear action plans
  • Purchase and begin at any time - on your own!
  • Enrollment is $699. (Discount available for course bundle)

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