What Is Life-Mastery?

What would happen if you woke up every day knowing exactly what you wanted in life and feeling 100% able to execute?

What if you knew exactly what you needed to do to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health to increase your confidence, courage, and clarity in becoming the person capable of achieving your vision?

What if you could serve society from a place of internal significance and external authenticity?

Self-directed course

How do you think you’d feel if you knew you were going to show up powerfully to lead your family, your clients, and those you influence?

How would you feel if you knew you were going to be an example of how reinvention in life can happen at any point? If you knew how to expand your health, wealth, and the amount of love you give and receive daily, why would you ever be fearful of uncertainty ever again?

Life-Mastery delivers these powerful results when the individual is committed to daily expansion. Life-Mastery is not for those who choose to remain in a state of mediocrity and certainly not for those who choose to make excuses and shrink from life and their current circumstances.

Sound like you?

I'd love the opportunity to support you on your journey!

“When you become internally powerful, you become rich in every way!”

Achieve Your Goals With Authenticity

Life-Mastery is for individuals who choose to step out of their programmed life and finally choose to live the life of their dreams. It's about unwiring the programmed beliefs you hold which cause you to live the life others expect of you, and rebuilding the life you were designed to live.

It’s for people who are motivated to constantly raise the bar on their lives, not just of receiving abundance, but in having health, wealth, and social significance as well.

You can reinvent your life at any time. It just takes a single decision, and a process. The course content and daily action steps will support you along the way while you understand yourself at a deeper level than ever before, creating a vision specific for you, then become the person capable of creating that vision.

Are you ready to take your personal and professional success to the highest heights with intention, purpose, and service to others?

Outcomes are:

  • A greater sense of aliveness, connection, and purpose in the world.
  • Clarity in what you want & who you want to be.
  • A path to mastering your physical, mental, & emotional states.
  • A money mindset capable of creating prosperity without guilt and shame & the confidence to use your talents and gifts to serve others powerfully to create value in their lives.

“Are you in a hole and want to climb a mountain?”

Life-Mastery Self-Directed Course

  • 6-month program
  • Course content delivered to your email weekly to keep you on target
  • Clear action plan
  • Required reading and/or audiobooks throughout the course (not included)
  • Purchase and begin at any time - on your own!

Start your journey to Life-Mastery today!

  • Price: $499.00
  • You will be redirected to Paypal to complete payment. You can pay securely via Paypal or a credit card. Completion of purchase indicates you have read and agree with disclaimer and release of liability.

Life-Mastery Group Accountability Course

Focuses on spiritual mastery (shifting to empowering beliefs), creating a vision, physical well-being, mental clarity, emotional courage, and service-based prosperity).

  • 8-12 members.
  • All curriculum, workbooks, and course content delivered to your email.
  • Daily actions.
  • Required reading (books not included).
  • 1–90-minute web conference  session per month, with accountability during the month for monthly action items.
  • Closed Facebook group for community accountability.
  • Weekly homework.
  • 6-month program.
  • Tuition is $1200 paid in monthly installments of $200, or single payment of $999.
  • Next group launches 5/21.

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"Mike is an inspirational and transformative coach who walks his talk! I am extremely grateful for taking the opportunity to work with him and witness his passion for helping people transform their lives while I participated in his Self-Mastery for Business-Mastery Course. Mike has a gift for helping people shift their mindset from suffering, sacrifice, and scarcity to a life of joy, abundance, love, and harmony. Mike’s authenticity about his challenges, struggles, and success, professional expertise and knowledge, along with our assigned monthly book readings, journal exercises, and group discussions have helped me to “Stop Playing Small.” Thanks to Mike’s course, I am releasing my fear of letting go of my healing practice, which no longer brings joy. I am shifting my mindset to focusing on my heart’s desire to serve people as a spiritual teacher instead of focusing on the negative thoughts about why I cannot be a spiritual teacher. Mike’s course was healing and life-changing." Connie Batsell 8/8/18

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