Release Struggle, Realign Your Life:


Are You Struggling To Realize Joy In Life?

Do you always feel that life is a struggle?  Were you taught that struggle builds character or that life needs to be hard?

Think about how struggle shows up in these aspects of your life...

Achieving your goals.

Knowing what you really want to create and achieve.

Your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Your job, career, business, or how you serve the world.

Your finances.

Your overall peace, joy, and happiness.

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Are you struggling in any of these areas?

Then likely the beliefs you are holding are keeping you from achieving the outcomes you desire.

I lived a life fueled with struggle because I believed life needed to be hard. I was taught that life IS struggle, and struggle is the reason we exist. Like life was just one big punishment for being born. I lived those poisonous beliefs until my life collapsed.

I was a 300 lb alcoholic who had just been fired from my 2nd six-figure executive leadership position in less than two years. My family was in complete chaos, fueled by addiction, guilt, and shame. Our relationships were built on tearing each other down. This is exactly what I was taught life was about. Struggle. I created a life based on poisonous beliefs.

“When you become internally powerful, you become rich in every way!”

I realized that what I believed caused it all.

I created a life of struggle UNTIL I realized that what I believed caused it all. Beliefs create outcomes; outcomes do not shape beliefs. Shift your beliefs; reshape your life.

Overweight Mike

“It is critical to understand that you are a walking accumulation of the beliefs you have adopted, and these beliefs are creating your reality. Shift your beliefs, shift your reality.”

I am offering a LIVE event which will help you identify poisonous beliefs you are carrying around which are creating struggle in your life. We will reshape your beliefs so that you can begin the process of reshaping your life.

Ease. Purpose. Clarity. Prosperity.

"It was a remarkable course once I was able to open my mind to alternative ways of how we process and move forward in life. The breakthroughs that I've had the past five months are monumental." - Tim Grimmet

Join me for the next LIVE event.

Location: Medici MediaSpace,  2065 Walton Road, St. Louis, MO 63114

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Date: July 11

Cost: $47

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