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Do you find yourself in a constant state of mental chaos?

Do you feel like your career goals and lifetime dreams just can’t be met no matter how hard you work to achieve them?

Do you feel like a fraud; like your exterior power doesn't match your internal self?

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Coaching Gets Results

Do you find yourself in a constant state of mental chaos? Do you feel like your career goals and lifetime dreams just can’t be met no matter how hard you work to achieve them?

There’s a reason – you will never reach your full potential unless you move from being an imposter to being who you really want to be by being deeply authentic. No amount of material possessions, money, or high-ranking career position will make you happy or feel fulfilled if your inner confidence doesn't match your external success. Mike Kitko coaching and the art and science of life-mastery will transform your life and get you there.


Are You Open to Learning?

You work 60 hours a week, take care of your family, try to do the right things yet what you seek eludes you. It's time to stop, identify with freedom and prosperity, and let go of what's holding you back.

The self-mastery path to making your dreams a reality works, but only if you’re willing to commit 100%, learn, be open to shifting paradigms, and be ready to look inside yourself.  My edgy, no-excuses, straight-forward business and life coaching program will help you identify your inner truths and live with intention so you can quit holding yourself back and receive the unlimited freedom and success the universe has been trying to give you all along.

"If you choose to remain stagnant you are pushing away all the rewards that are waiting for you. If you choose not to receive you are simply pushing away life ."

Life-Mastery Business Coaching Programs

No matter your age, your position, or your preconceived notions, throughout the coaching process we will build a deep connection as you learn the art and science of life-mastery that changes your whole existence at the cellular level.

Once we meet and decide if we are the right fit, we will also evaluate which coaching program would be best to get you where you want to go. A healthy coaching relationship requires a commitment of time, energy, and financial resources. And if we want to work together, we will make it work.

Most of my coaching programs are journeys of at least 6 months, with the intent of creating lasting change and a genuine personal transformation. By integrating the art and science of life-mastery, you will realize life-long joy, freedom, and success.

“What you choose now matters. Reinvention is always possible.”

Why Choose Mike Kitko?

As a Marine with an MBA and decades of success increasing revenue for Fortune 500 companies, until just a few years ago, despite my "success", I had no self-confidence and was on the road to destruction. After losing two amazing jobs due to my attitude, with the help of a coach I finally took charge of my self-hatred and bad habits (that hurt everyone around me as much as myself) and made drastic change. I know you can too.

Experiencing coaching and intense clarity, I found my calling and began thousands of hours of in-depth research and training, working with my own coach, and learning from other industry leaders and mentors. I acquired business and life coaching certification and now live to change others’ lives as I have changed mine.

I am proof that you can become who you need to be in order to receive what you want to receive in business and in life (they aren't mutually exclusive). It just takes willingness, intention, and the right coach. It takes being the black sheep, honoring your inner power, and making new choices.

"Mike is an absolutely incredible business and life coach. Every day he challenges me to be the man, husband, father, friend, and employee that the world demands of me. I have only been working with Mike for a little under 6 months but the changes, the improvements, and the growth has been exponential. I consider Mike so much more than just a business coach, but he truly is a friend that has changed my life."
- Richard A.

Multi-Dimensional Coaching

Instead of traditional and motivational touchy-feely coaching, my style is edgy, bold, straight-forward, instructional and results-driven. Motivation is great but only if you do something with it!

I choose to work with people I feel a deep trust and connection with so we can make change on a cellular level, cognitively with passion and high-energy. No lies. No bull. No excuses. Purity, honesty, hard work.


Don't Waste Another Minute

You probably don’t realize that what you’re searching for is within you – if you’re seeking business coaching and reinvention, today is the day to contact me. Let's have a conversation about whether you are ready to live the life you were meant to live without wasting another moment being an imposter. If we are the right fit, we can get you on the path to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual authenticity today.  636-288-0008

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