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Corporate Team Coaching

Are you an executive or leader in your organization struggling to develop your team and meet your goals?  Do you own a business and feel stressed over leadership issues or team dynamics?

Mike Kitko Team Development Coaching can help you and your executive team become better leaders with focus and leadership skills that result in cohesiveness for a common goal.

During our time together, you will each learn the art and science of self-mastery and how that directly affects your leadership abilities, team dynamics, and business success.

As a former Fortune 500 corporate executive and Marine, I am living proof that embracing and implementing self-mastery at any stage in life leads to unlimited growth and prosperity – both professionally and personally.


Team Dynamics Can Make or Break a Company

So often, leaders get burned out, lose sight of their "why" and simply go through the motions to get through the day, wondering if what they're doing is worth it. Your leadership and worker teams feel your dissatisfaction and apathy, which affects the entire company.

I know – I was an executive leader in several large companies. I felt like a fraud; like my external power didn't match my internal perception of myself. And my team suffered. Do you have a group of peers whose leadership has stagnated? Are you craving professional growth and fulfillment?

Mike Kitko team development coaching will not only help you identify and release what's holding you and your team back, we will move you from just going through the motions to mental discipline, emotional clarity, physical well-being and an awakening that will deliver prosperity in all areas of your lives.

You and your team can learn together, hold each other accountable, and be there to support each other through the transformation process to ultimate success.

“Are you in a hole and want to climb a mountain? Let’s climb it together!”

Why Learn Self-Mastery?

Through the art and science of self-mastery, you can stop letting the imposter be in charge and realize personal and professional transformation. This 6-month journey will heighten your energy and zest for living each day to your fullest potential, and those around you will feel it too.

I know from experience that making lasting change – stepping out of your comfort zone into your "zone of genius" with intention, purpose, and service to others happens best when you have an experienced coach to guide you to your power. My Team Development Coaching program will get you there.

Most of my coaching programs are journeys of at least 6 months with the intent of creating lasting change through the art and science of self-mastery and by integrating the following for life-long freedom and success.

  • Creating a vision for your life - Begin with the end in mind
  • Physical well-being
  • Mental discipline
  • Emotional clarity
  • Social and Financial Significance
  • Spiritual mastery

“When you become internally powerful, you become rich in every way!”

Benefits of Team Development Coaching

Executive and leadership team development coaching is a great way to come together as peers, have a support system, and learn and grow together without judgment, with total honesty, and with the assertiveness of goals. In our coaching sessions, we work cohesively to put an end to insecurity, ego-driven decisions, and the fight-or-flight way of life. The results can be dramatic!

  • Egos drop; people become drawn to you and your business.
  • Each team member's leadership will change.
  • You will create new strategies that aren't just about profits.
  • You'll achieve your objectives without the struggle.
  • Your entire team and business will grow personally and professionally.
  • Each individual's goals will fall into place.
  • Your professional and home life will soar without the struggle.
  • Spiritual freedom and prosperity will be yours.

The techniques I use blended with my own experiences and coaching education create lasting change from within. My direct, no-bull, honest, no-excuses coaching will bring excitement and an edge to your team's performance and the future growth of your company.

"Mike is an incredible executive coach. After working with him for a short period of time, he provided me with the tools and resources to recognize and realize my full potential. I have never encountered a coach that has such an infectious energy that is so easily passed on to his clients. He is empowering, inspirational, thoughtful, and extremely driven. Working with Mike will result in reaching your full potential. I strongly recommend Mike to anyone searching for an improved ability to be all that you are destined to be."
- Tony G.

Corporate Team Development Coaching Options

When you organize your own leadership team to embark on one of my coaching journeys, your business will thrive, your internal team will feel your energy and they will step up their game. Whether you focus on self-mastery or exclusively on business mastery, your results and outcomes will be powerful.

Corporate Self-Mastery Team Course

This six-month coaching program builds leaders by focusing on individual growth which, in turn, leads to team and business growth. Team courses are virtual unless otherwise noted.

  • For your company's team of 8-12 business leaders.
  • Drive individual growth for ultimate business results.
  • Enables team building through shared goals, actions, and outcomes.
  • All course content delivered to your email.
  • Daily actions.
  • Recommended reading.
  • 1–90-minute session per month, with accountability during the month for monthly action items.
  • Closed FaceBook Group for community accountability.
  • 6-month program.
  • $999 per individual.

Corporate Strategic & Leadership Coaching

Boardroom coaching that focuses on both long-term and short-term business and team objectives and projects, strategy, project measurement, and project ownership to support the objectives.

  • For your company's team of 8-12 business leaders
  • Develop and align strategic direction and action items to achieve the defined strategy
  • Extract and align strategic objectives
  • Establish clear pathway and timeline to achieving objectives
  • Gain clarity on ownership of projects to drive performance
  • Monitor and review progress of projects and performance
  • Celebrate victories, course-correct when necessary
  • Execute leadership training and development as necessary
  • Inquire for pricing

"Working with Mike is like deep tissue massage for the brain!”
- Bryan B.


Strengthen Your Team Today

My Marine discipline, Fortune 500 leadership and team development expertise, extensive coaching experience and training, and my own major life transformation all come together to coach you and your team to victory. Success with your business goals and freedom and prosperity, both professionally and personally, are waiting!

When you embark on a Mike Kitko coaching journey, set your expectations and invest in yourself and your team today. The first step is a conversation to determine if your team is a good fit for my high-energy, edgy coaching style, then we'll go from there. Contact me today, 636-288-0008.

Mike Kitko is an executive self-mastery coach, speaker, and published author who helps business owners increase success and happiness in their lives. 

A Marine with an MBA, Mike has experience in executive leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, yet he felt like an imposter. No matter how much success he achieved, he always felt unsuccessful, unfulfilled, and unhappy. 

His inability to understand his body, mind, and emotions led him to alcoholism, uncontrolled anger and rage, and the abuse of everything he cared about in life.

Today, Mike has an infectious zest for life, internal power, and inward confidence and courage that matches how people perceive him externally. He has found success and happiness, and he wants to help you do the same.

Are you ready to awaken your leadership?

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