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January 9 and 10, 2021
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St. Louis Business Club
1502 S. Big Bend Blvd.
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
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Why the Stress and Struggle?

You’re a financially successful business owner, and you’re still under intense stress. Each day still seems like a fight and a struggle, and you thought you’d be able to enjoy your life by this point.

You have dreams of being able to enjoy life, but you still find yourself sacrificing each day. You still do things that you “have to” do to keep it all together.

Maybe you just can't turn it off and you work non-stop. Maybe you don't sleep well at night because of fear of losing it all, and you wake up panicked. Maybe your physical health is deteriorating, and you drink excessive amounts of caffeine just to make it through the day. Maybe your relationship with your family is deteriorating and they are growing impatient with your obsession with work. Maybe you're doing things to avoid feeling the fear, including alcohol, drugs, gambling, or other forms of addiction and avoidance. Maybe you're just ready to throw in the towel.

It's not your fault. We're all programmed from a young age that success, accomplishment, wealth, hard work, and self-sacrifice are honorable and "just the way it is." We're taught that enjoying life is lazy. We're also taught that work needs to be hard, making money is hard, and that life is dangerous so we need infinite financial security.

Deep down you just want to enjoy life again. You want success, happiness and freedom. You want to wake up excited and energized, not in a constant state of dread. You want to live life on your own terms.

Can you imagine living a life you "get to" live instead of one you "have to" live?

I'm talking about enjoying 100% of every single aspect of how you show up in your love life, in your health, in your relationships, and in your business.

But, here’s the real reason you continue to fight:

You are addicted to stress and struggle just like most everyone else.

Our Beliefs Create Our Outcomes

We have been taught that life is hard, making money is hard, marriage is hard, we need to sacrifice ourselves and our families for success, challenge is all there is and we need to struggle to get anywhere in life..... blah blah blah.

I am here to call bullshit on all of it. All of it.

I lived a life of stress and struggle in my career, health, marriage, and finances until it became unbearable. I felt like I was pushing a rock up an endless mountain. I had to decide whether I wanted to return to a familiar life of pain and endless stress and struggle, or totally rebuild my life and how I created wealth in the world. I was a 300 pound, suicidal alcoholic, and it came down to either pulling the trigger or finding real success and happiness.

I made drastic changes to my life and started a business perfectly suited for me. Both rebuilt quickly and powerfully.

I’ve learned how to be successful and still lead a stress-free and struggle-free life. It’s not as hard as you might think. It certainly took some mindset shifts and changes to how I managed myself and my life. I did it and I'm thriving in my health, business, and in the unification and love within my family. You can, too, and I bet you already have everything you need to live in freedom — on your own terms.

I’m geared up and ready to share with you how I did that.

Start on Your Path to Freedom

Freedom Sessions is a real-time, 2-day live training for seasoned business owners looking to release the stress and struggle from their lives to increase success and happiness.

When you design a life around everything you get to do, you never want to be anywhere else.

Intended outcomes:

  • Make a commitment to eliminate stress and struggle in your life
  • Understand the 3-step process to creating anything you want
  • Learn 7 tools to help you step into alignment with who you really are, and heal insecurity, inadequacy, and insignificance.
  • Begin to live a life you get to live instead of a life you have to live

What We'll Cover

The 2-day experience is designed to provide you and your spouse the awareness, tools, confidence, courage, and community to begin the process of creating true success, happiness and freedom. You will be equipped with the knowledge, mindset, and vision to shift into a life that you "get to" live instead of a life that you "have to" live.

The 2 days will cover:

  • Creating a vision for your life
  • Breaking down your vision into repeatable, daily, inspired, aligned actions
  • Detaching from your vision to live now
  • The importance of your breath in success and happiness
  • Energy and your body and how it holds onto pain
  • The mind and how to quiet self-doubt and fear
  • Eliminating self-sabotage and how to spot it before it grabs hold
  • Wrap up and putting it all together

Are YOU ready to enjoy a stress-free and struggle-free life?

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Learn tools to eliminate worry, fear, stress, and struggle in your life and business.