The Imposter In Charge


Life's good, right? You've got the high-paying job, the car, the home, the family--so why do you feel so incomplete?

Maybe your ego is bursting at the seams and you can't show yourself for who you really are. Perhaps you have no boundaries and you pour yourself into others--their problems, their pressures, their pleasures--at the expense of yourself and your own family. You might think you need to be perfect but are acutely aware that you're not good enough. Could it be that deep-down you feel inadequate, incapable, and like a fraud?

That's the imposter syndrome, and it almost ruined Mike Kitko's life.

You don't have to live like that. The Imposter in Charge is the vulnerable and raw account of Mike Kitko's journey from being an overweight, overstressed, overachieving alcoholic business executive who was on the brink of divorce, to a life of authenticity, courage, confidence, and clarity. This transparent account offers a then-to-now experience, as well as practical applications and practices to help you break out of the imposter syndrome yourself--once and for all.


“WOW...A must-read for all leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. Mike does a phenomenal job of exposing the toxicity of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts as he moves us into empowerment. As I read The Imposter In Charge, I felt myself experiencing mental shifts. This is an incredible read for all.”

Stacey O’Byrne, International Speaker/Trainer, Author of Secrets To Becoming A Master Networker and Success Strategist

About the author:

Mike Kitko is an Executive Self-Mastery Coach, speaker, and author. After a colossal career and personal meltdown, he found his true purpose: inspiring leaders to find the power in their authenticity, purpose, and passion

A Marine with an MBA, Mike has decades of experience in leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, yet he always felt like an imposter. His outward persona was one of strength and wealth, yet he struggled internally with self-confidence and self-fulfillment. His inability to understand his emotions led him to alcoholism, uncontrolled anger, and ballistic rage. He abused his marriage, family, professional career, and health.

Through coaching, intense study, and deep work, Mike learned to embrace self-doubt and care for his body, mind, emotions, and soul with self-mastery. Now Mikes overflowing energy, clarity, and love inspires souls. With an infectious zest for life, internal power, and inward confidence that matches how people perceive him externally, Mike has turned his life around. And he wants to help you to do the same.

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