Awakened Leadership Training

Awakened Leadership Training with Mike Kitko Executive Coaching is a new way of perceiving life and a new way of living. We often get stuck in our patterns, habits, routines, and outdated beliefs – until we’re forced to shift. When we do decide to shift, it takes massive effort to get initial traction.

To live the life that most people dream of, we must be willing to do the thing that most people would never dream of doing. But that’s how we lead – by implementing and embracing change persistently and moving forward continuously, even before we see results. If we want more, we must be more, and this path will certainly enable you to become more.

Through the Awakened Leadership Training, you will experience a change in mindset, activities, habits, and outcomes for a powerful life. This training will give you a comprehensive view of life that will make sure that you grow extraordinarily while leaving the ordinary behind.


You can expect these outcomes:

  • Understand the non-negotiable leadership orientations and qualities that drive exceptional personal and financial results.
  • Develop a powerful mindset to embrace that results are your duty and obligation to yourself, your society and your family.
  • Gain the focus and capacity to not lose yourself and your family in the process of achieving these personal and financial results.

“Results matter.

The quality of your leadership determines the quality of your results.”

Mike Kitko