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Creating a Vision For Your Life

Are you running from fear or toward purpose?

Escaping the grips of living a life to just survive begins with the clarity of a vision and purpose for being the slave of fear.

Having a vision which excites you and energizes you will help you shift from a life you "have to" live to a life you "get to" live.

This powerful 2-day live session will give you the inspiration, training, time, space, and tribe which will help you identify exactly what it is you desire in your life. When you know where you're going, its much easier to get there, and much easier to battle the fear, self-doubt, and insecurity which keep you trapped in fear.

Plans are still being finalized, but check back as we get closer, and register if you want to shift the entire trajectory of your life.

  • Saturday and Sunday, January 4-5, 2020
  • 9-5pm
  • Baked! Bakery & Cafe, 201 N. Main St., St. Charles, MO 63301
  • Open to up to 40 attendees


While we finalize plans, to secure a seat please connect with me and we'll make sure you know all you need to know leading up to the event!

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“I’ve known Mike for the past several years and have witnessed his transformation from being overweight and lacking confidence to super fit and in control of his life. I can feel people’s energy levels, and over a several month period, I noticed Mike’s energy shooting up. One day we were having breakfast and his energy was so high that I experienced peace and joy just being in his presence. That day I hired him to be my business and life coach.”

Bryan Schroeder, Owner FasterHouse, LLC

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Mike Kitko is an executive self-mastery coach, speaker, and published author who helps business owners increase success and happiness in their lives. 

A Marine with an MBA, Mike has experience in executive leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, yet he felt like an imposter. No matter how much success he achieved, he always felt unsuccessful, unfulfilled, and unhappy. 

His inability to understand his body, mind, and emotions led him to alcoholism, uncontrolled anger and rage, and the abuse of everything he cared about in life.

Today, Mike has an infectious zest for life, internal power, and inward confidence and courage that matches how people perceive him externally. He has found success and happiness, and he wants to help you do the same.

Are you ready to awaken your leadership?

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