Our Manifesto

The Awakened Alpha Manifesto

We are The Awakened Alpha.

We are sacred stewards of the world we inherited. We are on purpose.

We are intense in our purpose, and gentle with everything else.

We feel internally powerful, and use that power to lift up others.

We lead ourselves, in our society & career, and in our families.

We relentlessly strengthen and sharpen our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirituality to increase our internal power, carry more responsibility, and increase our impact and stewardship.

We use our physical strength with tenderness and intention.

We use our words powerfully to help, heal, and encourage, never to guilt, shame, or diminish.

We hold ourselves and others to a higher standard, without judgement. We understand that all judgement is fueled by fear, and we choose growth over comfort, love over fear.

We love powerfully and let others go with ease, dignity, and grace when the time is right.

We engage in experiences and community, never drama or gossip.

We are passionate in our leadership of society.

We desire more financially and materially without guilt and shame, and lead by example in responsibly using our wealth to increase our stewardship, reach, and impact.

We give to receive; we never take.

We wake with a burning passion that shows up as impact, compassion, empathy, and love.

We fiercely support, love, encourage, and protect our families, and never control or manipulate them.

We enable our families their own journeys, experiences, and challenges, and we stand guard ready to protect them with constructive and intentional aggression when necessary.

We L.O.V.E. all by letting others voluntarily evolve.

We are Sacred Stewards of the world we inherited. We are on purpose.

We are The Awakened Alpha.