Lock arms and share experiences with other successful business owners around the country who crave to increase success and happiness in every dimension of life, and who also desire to truly live a stress-free and struggle-free life.

Never Settle

You’re a financially successful business owner, and you’re still under intense stress. Each day still seems like a fight and a struggle, and you thought you’d be able to enjoy your life by this point. You have a bank account and investments full of money, a house full of strangers and conflict, and a body full of stress and tension. Your health and relationships are stressed and strained under the weight of your daily struggles. Every area of life is impacted by your stress. If only you could get ahead of your challenges…

You have dreams of being able to enjoy life, but you still find yourself sacrificing each day. You still do things that you “have to” do to keep it all together.  Can you imagine living a life you "get to" live instead of one you "have to" live? I'm talking about enjoying 100% of every single aspect of how you show up in your love life, in your health, in your relationships, and in your business.

But, here’s the real reason you continue to fight: You are addicted to stress and struggle. You’re not broken. We live in a world which encourages pain and suffering. Our minds and bodies crave stress and struggle while our soul wants the opposite.

We have been taught that life is hard, making money is hard, marriage is hard, we need to sacrifice ourselves and our families for success, challenge is all there is and we need to struggle to get anywhere in life.

I am here to call bullshit on all of it. All of it. Stress and struggle are never necessary.

I lived a life of stress and struggle in my career, health, marriage, and finances until it became unbearable. I made drastic changes to my life and business. I’ve learned how to be successful and still lead a stress-free and struggle-free life. It’s not as hard as you might think. You can, too, and I bet you already have everything you need to live in freedom — on your own terms.

I’ve assembled a group of successful business owners just like you who are after the same things as you, success and happiness in every area of life, and we’re all ready to support you. You just need to be ready to let go of stress and struggle like us.

The Tools of Our Mastermind

Sign up and download my free eBook Creating Success and Happiness: 7 tools to live stress-free in a struggle-addicted world.

This is the basic guide and the principles we use and apply inside of our mastermind. We truly journey toward a stress-free and struggle-free life so that we can enjoy all that we have created.

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The Elite Mastermind is for successful and established business owners to accelerate growth.

    • Business income is minimum of 6+ figures in successive years
    • Established team supporting business (employees or contract)
    • Desire to scale all aspects of life and business
    • Open to being vulnerable and honest about current state, challenges, and vision

"Through my participation in Mike's program, I was able to gain clarity in my business and life on how I want to serve others and how I can express it in a way that's me. Because of that, I was able to let go of being perfect and show up as myself. That helped create the best month of my business so far. The best part of that is it wasn't hard. I get to be me, run a business I love helping others with their careers, and make money."

Brad F.


I've created this Mastermind to gather together successful business leaders, to connect regularly, participate in get-away retreats, hold each other accountable, show up for each other, and teach each other about how to achieve higher levels of success in all areas of life.

The Mastermind will help you unlock true happiness and success.

    • Limited to 12 participants for impact. Spouses/partners are invited for free.
    • Meets each Wednesday from 8-9am via Zoom for accountability.
    • In-person retreat held at a different location in the United States every four months (first in St. Louis). Enrollment investment covers space and some meals during the event.
    • Investment of $5,000 up front (Initial 90-minute strategy session and 6 months of enrollment). $747 each month after.


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  • Up-front, 90-minute strategy/alignment session with Mike Kitko
  • Full access to Life-Mastery, Entrepreneurial-Mastery, and Sales-Mastery courses
  • Creating Your Vision Workbook at registration
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  • Free signed copy of my first book The Imposter In Charge

Are you ready to live stress-free and struggle-free?

Download Mike's FREE eBook titled Creating Success and Happiness: 7 tools to live stress-free in a struggle-addicted world.