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Membership is specifically designed for the male leader who understands that material wealth, financial income, net worth, the size of the organization, and the success of the title are not all you are here to create.

You are here to impact society, and leave your unique stamp during your lifetime. You want to leave society in a better place than you found it. Your power, purpose, and potential are locked inside you. This is what you've been looking for all along. You'll identify and live your internal power, and create the impact you want to make on society before your last exhale.

You will certainly continue to create all the time and financial freedom you desire while creating impact with your talents and gifts.

This community is for men who are sharp and intense in their commitment to their purpose, but gentle in every other area of their life. Powerful content and community will guide you to:


  1. Create the time and financial freedom so that you can live life on your terms.
  2. Create a sense of significance so that you know your life matters.
  3. Create impact so you can leave your stamp on society.

"It was a remarkable program once I was able to open my mind to alternative ways of looking at how we process and move forward in life. The breakthroughs that I’ve had in the past five months are monumental. "

Tim Grimmet

Membership Details:

Within the membership community, each week, I'm going to deliver high quality video and downloadable content which will allow you to connect with new tools, knowledge, and wisdom. These will enable and empower you in your life, your leadership, your relationships, your health, and your finances. You will connect to your internal power, purpose, and potential, which will create everything you desire.



Each month, you'll engage in a powerful membership community call, where members connect to receive and give support. We will relate, encourage, love, and appreciate each other to higher levels of growth and learning.

  • Open to an unlimited number of men committed to discovering and living their purpose
  • Sacred, safe, and confidential masculine space for rawness and authenticity
  • Weekly video content to create a pathway to shift your life
  • Downloadable content related to the current video series
  • Monthly virtual live group membership call
  • Monthly recurring payments of $47


  • Life-Mastery e-Book at registration
  • Creating Your Vision Workbook at registration
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  • Defining Your Purpose Workbook at registration
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  • First 100 members receive a free signed copy of The Imposter In Charge
  • 25% off of all courses

Sacred Steward Membership

$1 per Month - button test only!

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