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Private coaching is specifically designed for the male leader who desires the most from life – intense and powerful physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states; significance and impact through their unique purpose; and a safe, loving, empowering, and financially secure environment for his family to thrive...

... and he wants a powerful coach, mentor, trainer, and brother to drive aggressive learning, action, and results. Together, we will walk in lockstep toward your unique vision and purpose. We will make and accept no excuses, and we will create impact and powerful results. 

You are here to impact others, and leave your unique stamp during your lifetime. You want to leave society in a better place than you found it. Your power, purpose, and potential are locked inside of you. This is what you've been looking for all along. You'll identify and live your internal power, and create the impact you want to make on society.

As The New Alpha Male - The Sacred Steward - you will empower everyone and everything you come in contact with during your lifetime. You will lift up all, and never diminish or tear down. Your family will reap the rewards of your leadership, personal power, significance, and prosperity.

We will journey to create what you truly desire in life  to have it all.


Create intense and authentic personal power
Develop powerful physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being which impact and increase confidence, courage, and clarity of purpose. Sharpen the only things you truly control.

Define and step into your unique life's purpose
You are a steward of the world you've inherited, and you are here to move the needle before your last breath. Serve and lift up others with your unique combination of talents, wisdom, knowledge, experience, and desires. Only you can help those who you need your specific support.

Powerfully lead and serve your family
Create a safe, loving, empowering, and prosperous environment for your family and those who matter most. Nurture an environment where they can thrive and feel secure, and develop authentically. Lead by example, and empower always - never diminish them.

The New Alpha Male Manifesto:

We are The New Alpha Male.

We are sacred stewards of the world we inherited. We are on purpose.

We are intense in our purpose, and gentle with everything else.

We feel personally powerful and use that power to lift up others.

We relentlessly strengthen and sharpen our bodies, minds, and emotions, to increase our internal power, carry more responsibility, and increase our impact and stewardship.

We use our physical strength with tenderness and intention.

We use our words powerfully to help, heal, and encourage, never to guilt, shame, or diminish.

We hold ourselves and others to a higher standard, without judgement. We understand that all judgement is fueled by fear, and we choose growth over comfort, love over fear.

We love powerfully and let others go with ease, dignity, and grace when the time is right.

We engage in experiences and community, not drama or gossip.

We are passionate in our leadership of society.

We desire more financially and materially without guilt and shame, and lead by example in responsibly increasing our stewardship and reach.

We give and receive; we do not take.

We wake with a burning passion that shows up as impact, compassion, empathy, and love.

We fiercely support, love, encourage, and protect our families, and never control or manipulate them.

We enable our families their own journeys, experiences, and challenges, and we stand guard ready to protect them with constructive, intentional aggression when necessary.

We L.O.V.E. all by letting others voluntarily evolve.

We are Sacred Stewards of the world we inherited. We are on purpose.

We are The New Alpha Male.

"After coaching with Mike I can honestly say I am a completely different person with how I approach my daily life and long-term vision. I am happier than ever and am focused on the journey, not just the results. My business’ monthly sales nearly tripled during my coaching term with Mike. And my current rate of sales growth and profitability are years ahead of schedule."

Jordan B.

Private Coaching Details

Private coaching is for the individual fully committed to and aggressive in identifying and living their true purpose and vision. Together we will walk shoulder-to-shoulder, and I will guide you on your journey in a private relationship.

  • Weekly strategy and alignment session
  • Weekly assignments and accountability
  • Intense focus on desired outcomes
  • $25k for 12 months
  • $15k for 6 months


  • Full-day jump-start session in St. Louis
  • Full access to Life-Mastery, Entrepreneurial-Mastery, and Sales-Mastery courses
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  • Full access to the membership program
  • Life-Mastery e-Book
  • Creating A Vision For Your Life Workbook
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  • Defining Your Purpose Workbook
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  • Signed copy of The Imposter in Charge

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