Release Struggle, Realign Your Life!

Release Struggle, Realign Your Life! Free Webinar!

  • From ashes to magic
    • My family survived years of addiction, abuse, violence, and chaos. From hitting rock bottom, filing for divorce, reunifying, kicking addiction, and reinventing ourselves, we've built something beautiful and magical - from ashes. Now Angie and Mike work to serve a world which supported and allowed their rebirth and reinvention.
  • How beliefs create your outcomes
    • Did you know that most people try to change their behaviors to create new habits, but it's really beliefs which enable your habits and your outcomes? Beliefs create outcomes, your outcomes do not create your beliefs. Change your beliefs, change your life.
  • The power of creating a vision for your life
    • Clarity is a creative force. When you gain clarity in what you want, you will begin to see evidence of the realization of your vision everywhere in your life. You need to know what you are looking for before you will see it. A vision will enable your dreams to come true.
  • Build personal power
    • Building personal power - physical well-being, mental clarity, and emotional courage - will drive unshakable confidence and courage. This new inner strength will empower you to serve others powerfully from a state of love and abundance instead of fear and scarcity.
  • Create service-based prosperity
    • When you serve society with inner confidence and courage, and you find the giver inside of you, you find that society rewards you handsomely. In a world of takers, givers set themselves apart and are attractive to those conditioned by those who just aim to serve themselves

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