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Do you find yourself in a constant state of mental chaos?

Do you feel like your career goals and lifetime dreams just can’t be met no matter how hard you work to achieve them?

Do you feel like a fraud; like your exterior power doesn't match your internal self?

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Are You a Leader Seeking Change?

Are you in a position of power professionally? Maybe you’re a corporate leader carrying a ton of responsibility and authority. Outwardly, you portray strength and confidence – someone who “has it all!” Yet, internally you feel inadequate, insecure, uncertain, like you constantly have to outperform everyone, including yourself. Are you ready to stop feeling this way and let go of the struggle? You’re in the right place.


Find Your Power

Corporate leaders and business owners who are seeking change hire me, Mike Kitko, to become who they really want to be. With my extensive Fortune 500 business background, leadership coaching programs and proven results, and my positive energy fueling your transformation, all the necessary elements for authenticity and success come together. You will feel more powerful and confident than you ever have before.

“Holding power is only enjoyable and fulfilling when you can feel confident in that power. I help leaders find their power.”

Self-Mastery Coaching

Through my spiritual one-on-one and group leadership coaching programs, you can stop letting the imposter be in charge and reinvent yourself. My strength will carry you into your transformation until you end up celebrating your internal power and experiencing the freedom – the true lightness – of genuine confidence and the prosperity that follows.

Most of my coaching programs are journeys that are at least 6 months and result in lasting change and self-mastery by integrating the following for life-long freedom and success.

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Mental discipline
  • Emotional clarity
  • Internal and external significance
  • Relationship and financial prosperity
  • Service to others

“When you become internally powerful, you become rich in every way!”

Coaching Programs

Whether you choose one of my one-on-one business and life coaching programs – 1:1 Fly, 1:1 Run, 1:1 Walk, Monetize Your Coaching Business – or one of my group coaching programs – Leadership Coaching or Self-Mastery for Business Mastery – we will embark on an intentional journey together that requires action, strategy, accountability, service, and a willingness to learn and let go of your inner demons. No sugar-coating. No excuses.

In addition to one-on-one and group coaching, I am also available for speaking engagements and workshops to give your team of professionals the self-mastery tools that put them on the path to living an authentic life and performing with self-confidence, purpose, and success.

"Mike has taught me so much about myself and life...The number one thing that changed my world was the idea of how we see the world on the outside is just our true feelings within ourselves.  When you are ready to invest in yourself and see your life transform, I highly recommend Mike!"
- Carly B.


Make the Choice Today

If you feel like a fraud in your own life or totally disappointed with where you find yourself and think that nobody understands, you’re not alone. I am here. I get it. I can be your catalyst for change before destruction happens, before you give up on your dreams, before you implode with the stress of it all.

Stop pushing away all the rewards the universe wants to give you and be open to receiving what is waiting for you. What you want and need is in you – you just have to give it center stage and let it flourish. Make the choice now. Contact me to have a conversation to determine if we're compatible and see where the possibilities may lead. 636-288-0008

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