"As the owner of a small business, I love to have someone to brainstorm with. It makes it even better if this person is a trusted resource that knows your business well but doesn't have a stake in the outcome.

I hired Mike Kitko because I was looking for someone to help me take my company to the next level. It has worked out so well. He has really come to understand our company, our team, and our culture.

He is someone I trust to go to when I need to talk through a tough decision. He has brought several blind spots to the surface that I didn't know were holding our team back.

I really love our weekly talks and they either make me think about something in a different way or lead to a breakthrough I didn't see coming.

He has become an awesome resource for me and our leadership team."

- Bryan Schroeder
Owner and CEO of Fasterhouse (Real Estate Investment Company)

"Mike is an incredible executive coach. After working with him for a short period of time, he provided me with the tools and resources to recognize and realize my full potential.

I have never encountered a coach that has such an infectious energy that is so easily passed on to his clients. He is empowering, inspirational, thoughtful, and extremely driven. Working with Mike will result in reaching your full potential.

I strongly recommend Mike to anyone searching for an improved ability to be all that you are destined to be."

- Tony Garavaglia, Senior Vice President
Willis, Towers, Watson

"Mike, you are indeed amazingly insightful, energetic, and effective. You have gotten me and my business focused and moving forward. Thanks for everything you've done for me and my people!"

- Craig Caesar
CEO of Caesar Creative and Maker Makers

"I originally hired Mike for business only. Soon after we started working together, I realized with where I was in my life I was not ready to work on my business. I was going through a huge transition. Mike was able to be flexible and help me through the difficult time. Mike is one incredible business coach with the things he taught me, but what Mike focuses on and will tell you will change your life.  It’s stuff that might not make much sense at first but then over time it just sinks in and you finally realize how much it changed your whole perspective on the world. Mike has changed my life for the better and it is one magical world now. Sometimes it’s hard to realize why something didn't work out the way you had planned it, but I now realize why Mike was my coach during this difficult time in my life.

I've had a lot of people help me in my life, but you were the turning point. You were the game-changer. I thank God for you every single day"

- Danielle Eisenberg, Entrepreneur

"Working with Mike is like deep tissue massage for the brain!"

- Bryan Barts, Wealth Advisor
Enterprise Bank & Trust

"I highly recommend Mike to any and everyone. He's not just a coach, mentor or accountability partner. Most importantly he's a friend. First time I sat with Mike he read me like a book, felt like he knew my ins and outs. He's amazing at what he does. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be on the path I’m on or I wouldn't be the person I am. He's the reason I pick up the crown I've been so afraid to touch."

- Jervon Hill, Real Estate Entrepreneur

“Big shout out to Mike Kitko!  Incredible job today talking about being the best version of yourself. You have found your passion in speaking and coaching and I truly appreciate you. If anyone is struggling through a tough time, lacking some confidence or is successful in one aspect of life but feeling empty in others Mike Kitko is your guy.”

- James Brinkmann, Owner and Team Leader
The Fidelis Group Real Estate Team

“I just have to give a shout out to the amazing Mike Kitko for changing my life! I have only known this dude for a short time but this guy has not only encouraged me to break free of my fear but to crush it and fully step into my most authentic self. I have always loved Willow Tree, and now that I can focus on building my new business, Beeson Editing Services, LLC, I have never been happier. When I left my part-time job, I was terrified that I wouldn't make enough, that I was making the wrong decision, that I was doing the worst thing I could do for our family, but boy was I wrong! Not only am I the happiest I've ever been, but I have already replaced that income and on my way to surpassing it. If you feel like something is holding you back, talk to Mike. He will not only help you grow as a person, but he will increase your quality of life by a thousand. Thanks, Mike! Check out his FB page or go to his blog to be inspired and encouraged every day.”

- Jessica Beeson, Owner
Beeson Editing Services

"Mike is crazy good at what he does. I have found a new hope and look on life with him! 100% grateful for him in my life and recommend him with complete confidence."

- Sera Jennings, Real Estate Entrepreneur

"Mike is an inspirational and transformative coach who walks his talk!  I am extremely grateful for taking the opportunity to work with him and witness his passion for helping people transform their lives while I participated in his Self-Mastery for Business-Mastery Course.  Mike has a gift for helping people shift their mindset from suffering, sacrifice, and scarcity to a life of joy, abundance, love, and harmony.  Mike’s authenticity about his challenges, struggles, and success, professional expertise and knowledge, along with our assigned monthly book readings, journal exercises, and group discussions have helped me to “Stop Playing Small.” 

"Thanks to Mike’s course, I am releasing my fear of letting go of my healing practice, which no longer brings joy.  I am shifting my mindset to focusing on my heart’s desire to serve people as a spiritual teacher instead of focusing on the negative thoughts about why I cannot be a spiritual teacher. Mike’s course was healing and life changing."

- Connie Batsell

"I started coaching with Mike 2 months ago and in that time frame some amazing things have happened!

"My family life had gotten to the point where my two kids were fighting nonstop, complaining and argumentative with me. In fact it actually felt out of control! I have learned some amazing techniques for creating the outcomes I wish to see. And from my own personal growth in self love, I now see that my children are benefitting and peace, respect, and politeness have returned to our home.

"As for my business, I own my own specialty vision clinic, Vision For Life, and the mindset shifts that I have made have been such a blessing! I am no longer blocking the gifts God has for me, because of a poor mindset. I even started my coaching business and am signing 3 doctors I will be working with in the next month (revenue totaling 75k)!

"Since I began, I have gained a greater sense of self, purpose, peace, love and gratitude. I highly recommend that anyone considering coaching with Mike, just take the plunge. Your life will be forever changed!"

- Dr. Julie Steinhauer

"Mike helped me through some of the craziest times in my life. He helped me to see my true value and potential in all areas of my life. He was able to get into areas of my brain that I wouldn't otherwise have known were there. He always approached me with love and kindness. I could feel his care and love in every conversation we had. He has great intuition and I believe he can help anybody with where they are trying to go. Mike was very real in his approach with me, but also gave me space to fill certain roles when all I needed was a buddy to bounce ideas off of.

"I highly suggest a conversation with this man!"

- Corey Boyles
Real Estate Professional

"Mike Kitko you seriously have changed my life. I thank you for being my self-mastery coach and business coach!"

- Carly Black
Owner of Rivulet, Entrepreneur

"Mike is an amazing coach and a great person! He is very caring and is not afraid to call you out on any issues that he sees. He holds you accountable while providing you with a guiding hand along your path. I have appreciated being a part of Mike’s ‘Self-Mastery for Business-Mastery Course’ and being able to learn directly from Mike.

"Mike fostered an environment to allow people to share and grow together no matter where they are at in life. He is also a great business coach. I have had the pleasure of being on a business team that he has coached. His insights are so valuable to our organization and he is always able to provide a good outsider experience. Mike is able to combine the spiritual aspects of your life to your business as well. He has helped put together all aspects of my life to ultimately help me work on becoming a better individual and a better professional."

- Rachel Mendoza

"Your passion lights up the dark areas of hopelessness."

- Joe Dahlem, Business Owner

“I've made meditation part of my daily routines, thanks to Mike Kitko's help. It's helped immensely and I don't say that lightly.”

- Christina Evers, Healing Seeker

“Working with Mike has been like a hug for the soul. You know your life will be ok in the end and it will turn out the way it is supposed to. You walk away with a renewed sense of peace, strength, and love for life.”

- Tony Fonte
Coach, Speaker, Author

"I signed up for Mike’s Self-Mastery for Business-Mastery course with considerable reservations about how his philosophy and my philosophy for life would differ. It was a remarkable course once I was able to open my mind to alternative ways of looking at how we process and move forward in life. The breakthroughs that I’ve had in the past five months are monumental.However I believe the greatest help came from Mike personally as we sat down one on one. He has a great understanding of how people operate. And how to pull them out of the current situations into a powerful situation."

- Tim Grimmet
Coach and Real Estate Investor

"Mike is an absolutely incredible business and life coach. Every day he challenges me to be the man, husband, father, friend, and employee that the world demands of me. I have only been working with Mike for a little under 6 months but the changes, the improvements, and the growth has been exponential. I consider Mike so much more than just a business coach, but he truly is a friend that has changed my life."

- Richard Appelbaum, Real Estate Entrepreneur

"As a Life Coach, I understand what it takes to make a difference in others' lives.  When I first met Mike Kitko I sensed his sincerity and excitement to bring the best out of everyone that comes in his path.

I can say he helped me take my own coaching career to the next level.  Now that Mike and I have grown closer, the joy of just being in his presence is not only uplifting but contagious.

Being of the same mindset as Mike, which is abundance and to strive to be the best, I highly recommend Mr. Kitko as a phenomenal business coach.

I only wish we had more people like Mike Kitko."

- Michael Tobin
Owner of The Tobin Company

"I like to think of Mike Kitko as the 'Business Buddha' because he is uniquely skilled in the process of blending his strong business acumen with a deeply compassionate and wise zen philosophy."

- Cynthia Correll
Communication Architect

"I saw you passionately speak to our group about financial scarcity and poverty, and the poor money mind-set and heart-set which causes and keeps people stuck in a victim mentality.

Your passion and advanced thinking breaks people free from their existing state.

You make Dave Ramsey sound like a a stale Econ professor.”

- Skip Crouch

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